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Counter-Strike Portable

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Counter-Strike: Source is an enhanced version of one of the most cherished of production in recent years. The game was initially only be extended modem to the first part of the famous Half-Life'a. After the huge success of this programme was decided, inter alia, on a boxed edition of Counter-Strike'a, this game doczekala are also many other versions, inter alia, for the Xbox. The product is primarily a visual changes, the game mechanics remained largely unchanged.



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Manipulate network routing tables. Route packets of network traffic from one subnet to another by modifying the route table.

Display route details:
ROUTE [-f] PRINT [destination_host] [MASK subnet_mask_value] [gateway]
[METRIC metric] [IF interface_no.]

Add a route:
ROUTE [-f] [-p] ADD [destination_host] [MASK subnet_mask_value] [gateway]
[METRIC metric] [IF interface_no.]

Change a route:
ROUTE [-f] CHANGE [destination_host] [MASK subnet_mask_value] [gateway]
[METRIC metric] [IF interface_no.]

Delete a route:
ROUTE [-f] DELETE [destination_host] [MASK subnet_mask_value] [gateway]
[METRIC metric] [IF interface_no.]

-f Clear (flush) the routing tables of all gateway entries. If this is
used in conjunction with one of the commands, the tables are
cleared prior to running the command.

The address (or set of addresses) that you want to reach.

-p Create a persistent route - survives system reboots.
(not supported in Windows 95)

The su


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